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What is Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point Massage

You know those strange tangles or cricks that appear out of the blue in your back, shoulders, or neck? They are referred to as trigger points, and at Back To Health Wellness Center in Sarasota, we are equipped to treat them for you. Our chiropractor has years of knowledge and experience dealing with various chiropractic issues. That's why our practice is ready to address your unique needs.

What Is a Trigger Point Massage?

A trigger point is a rigid section within the muscle tissue that results in pain in other areas of the body. The pain might appear as pointed, severe spasms or a faint, generalized throb. Trigger point massage therapy is an aspect of physical treatment that distinguishes and releases stimulus points. Our chiropractor finds the points located in the skeletal muscle that causes pain when the areas are compressed. In numerous cases, trigger points are developed due to injury to the muscle cords.

Commonly utilized to deal with pain-related situations, trigger point massage therapy is occasionally called myofascial or neuromuscular therapy. A volume of procedures can also be employed to loosen the pain centers using massage treatment, chiropractic care, and more.

Why We Use Trigger Point Massage Therapy

At Back To Health Wellness Center, we know that headaches can be a significant obstacle to your daily life. We have helped patients by using trigger point therapy to yield excellent results. Research has also shown that this form of treatment helps manage tension headaches and lessen plantar heel pain.

Our chiropractor applies treatments that have been proven to deliver excellent results and allow our patients to walk away, feeling much better than when they visited. Keep in mind that depending on the severity of your trauma, we may have to implement other forms of treatment as well. Our doctor will ensure that you know all the available options and what best suits your needs if you have underlying conditions.

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Our team is happy to welcome you to our practice, where we aspire to make our patients relax and receive the highest quality of care. Patients in Sarasota and surrounding areas are welcome to experience what we have to offer at Back To Health Wellness Center. Contact us today to schedule an appointment by calling us at 941-351-2555.


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