How long does it take to release a trigger point?

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage therapy works to alleviate pain in muscles and tissues that are tight. At Back To Health Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL, we offer trigger point therapy in addition to a variety of other chiropractic services.

How Trigger Point Massage Works

Trigger point massage, a type of trigger point therapy, is a type of manual therapy that will focus on detecting and releasing trigger points. Trigger points are spots within the skeletal muscle that produce pain when they are compressed. Sometimes, trigger points will form as one of the results of trauma to the muscle fibers.

Trigger point therapy is sometimes called neuromuscular therapy or myofascial trigger point therapy. Other than trigger point massage, dry needling and other types of chiropractic care can be considered as part of trigger point therapy. Trigger point therapy can treat many different chronic pain conditions, including low back pain, headaches, and temporomandibular joint pain, among others.

When receiving treatment from our experts, trigger point therapy is going to involve unlocking the contraction mechanism of the muscle, which is locked in a shortened position. Trigger point release involves using either a tool or a squeeze grip that puts direct pressure on the trigger point for between 30 and 120 seconds. This amount of time is typically going to be enough to release and soften the nodule. Once the muscle tissue has been released, it will need to be moved throughout its full range of motion for optimal healing.

Our chiropractor will perform a physical exam and give you a diagnosis to determine if trigger point therapy is right for you. We may use other treatment methods in addition to trigger point massages to help your body heal.

Schedule Your Appointment for Trigger Point Therapy

If you are dealing with chronic pain or an injury, we can help. At Back To Health Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL, our experts provide trigger point massage therapy and many other services. We will create a personalized treatment plan for you and your condition. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (941) 351-2555.


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