How Often Should You Get a Swedish Massage to Reap the Benefits?

A Swedish massage can provide many mental, physical, and emotional benefits. They promote relaxation, reduce stress, help lower blood pressure, relieve tension in the muscles, and much more. Getting regular Swedish massages can help you achieve the best possible results. Knowing how often “regular” is can be confusing, as there is no one answer for all. The frequency with which you should get a Swedish massage depends on your health goals and the lifestyle you lead. If you live in or around Sarasota and would like to get a Swedish massage, contact our team at Back To Health Wellness Center.

General Relaxation

If you are concerned about your overall health and general relaxation, one or two massages per month are typically enough. This is also a good frequency for those who are not ordinarily active and do not work out regularly.

High-Stress Relief

If you have a job or a lifestyle that involves a lot of stress, you should aim for a Swedish massage every two weeks, though once a week is much better. This is also best for those who travel often.


For people who exercise regularly or have very active lifestyles, a massage every week is best. If you are an athlete that trains and competes, a chiropractor or massage therapist can help you develop a schedule that suits your needs.

Pain Management

If your goal is to manage or reduce pain, your massage therapy schedule should depend on the specifics of the pain. Different types of pain require different frequencies and levels of massage. For instance, some pain requires a massage several times the first week, less the following week, and even less the next. Some pain requires a steadier massage routine. Consulting with your chiropractor or massage therapist is the best way to determine the frequency needed to address your pain.

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