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Treatment of Herniated Discs

Treatment of Herniated Discs

If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, you have options beyond back surgery when you visit Back to Health Wellness Center. Learn how your chiropractor in Sarasota treats herniated discs. 

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Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

Symptoms vary by the location of the herniated disc, although over 90 percent of herniated discs affect the low back. 

If your neck or upper back is affected, you might feel pain radiating down your arm. For a herniated disc in the lower back, symptoms might mimic sciatica. Thus, you would feel pain running down the legs. 

Some people feel muscle weakness, numbness, or a restriction in their range of motion. This happens because the herniated disc affects your nerves. 

While many people experience debilitating pain from a bulging disc, others are asymptomatic. 

How Your Chiropractor in Sarasota Treats a Herniated Disc 

When it comes to herniated disc treatment, your chiropractor in Sarasota begin with a thorough exam to evaluate the injury. Our goal is to provide treatment that makes you feel better, without exacerbating your symptoms. 

The primary way we approach herniated or bulging disc treatment is through spinal decompression, which uses traction to stretch the spine. In this treatment, we strap you to a table. Then we set the computer, so it flexes and contracts your spine, from your neck to tailbone. Each treatment successfully lengthens your spine, reversing compression caused by ergonomics, poor posture, and accidents. 

As we create length in the spine, the spinal disc returns to its natural place. When the bulge or herniation reverses, your symptoms go away. 

While it takes several sessions of this bulging disc treatment, most patients feel a direct reduction in pain from the outset. To support your recovery, we may recommend back stretches, lifestyle changes, or other wellness advice. 

Get Herniated Disc Treatment in Sarasota FL 

Here at Back to Health Wellness Center, we treat patients from Sarasota FL and the surrounding communities. We offer a new patient special, which is a $49 first exam. Reserve your discounted exam on our website or by calling us at 941-351-2555. 


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