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Osteoarthritis Treatment

Natural Osteoarthritis Care at Back to Health Wellness Center

Osteoarthritis is an issue that everyone -- even if you don't get it yourself, you almost certainly know someone who will. About half of all adults will develop osteoarthritis of the knees during their lives, for instance, while 25 percent will develop hip osteoarthritis by the time they turn 85. This degenerative condition can leave you with increasing pain and stiffness in the affected joint.

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But you don't have to subsist on anti-inflammatory drugs or resort to major surgery to cope with your symptoms. That's because our skilled team at Back to Health Wellness Center can provide chiropractic care and other natural solutions to optimize your comfort and mobility.

What Is Osteoarthritis?

To understand osteoarthritis, you must first understand how joints are constructed. The bone ends within a joint would rub painfully together without some sort of cushion in between. This cushion typically takes the form of a protective, shock-absorbing layer of cartilage, with friction further minimized by a lubricant known as synovial fluid. Whenever anything happens to cause the cartilage to thin out or break down, the resulting bone-on-bone friction makes the joint more and more stiff and painful. This is osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis may be related to a congenital joint abnormality that makes the joint unusually prone to degeneration. Its development can also be hastened by an acute accident such as a sports injury. Most commonly, however, it's associated with aging. Decades of wear and tear can simply wear the joint cartilage out. Additional factors such as obesity, bone spurs, and chronic misalignment can make the problem worse by producing joint inflammation. This inflammation then triggers the release of enzymes and proteins that accelerate the breakdown of cartilage.

Drug-Free Osteoarthritis Management Options

Many seniors dislike the idea of relying on constant anti-inflammatory drugs, which may interact with their other other medications and can only relieve symptoms temporarily in any case. Even more extreme is the option of major surgery to fuse joint components, relieving pain at the cost of function. Our chiropractor in Sarasota FL, Dr. Kuskin, can help you manage your osteoarthritis symptoms through purely natural means. Part of this process involves removing barriers to normal joint operation. Chiropractic adjustments can normalize your joint position and musculoskeletal alignment, making it as easy as possible for joints to function as they should.

Other natural treatments at our clinic make a powerful complement to chiropractic care for osteoarthritis. For example, our massage therapy techniques can boost blood flow to help carry off inflammatory substances, relieving pain and swelling in the process. Exercises and other forms of physical therapy can also be useful for keeping your joints limber.

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