Osteoarthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Sarasota, FL

Osteoarthritis affects as many as 27 million Americans.  Our chiropractor notes that its symptoms typically progress slowly and could eventually interfere with the ability to follow a normal daily routine.  Fortunately for patients at our Back to Health Wellness Center in Sarasota, joint pain relief is possible without surgery or medication.


Osteoarthritis Overview

The most common of chronic joint conditions, osteoarthritis also goes by the names degenerative arthritis and degenerative joint disease.  It develops once protective cartilage on the ends of bones wears down as time passes.

Although the disorder can damage any joint, it’s most common locations are joints in the knees, hands, spine, and hips.  The disorder most often occurs in patients older than 65.  In addition to age, common risk factors include being female, carrying excess weight, joint injuries, occupations that create repetitive joint stress, a family history, and bone deformities.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Pain during or after motion
  • Tenderness after light pressure on a joint
  • Stiffness in the morning or after inactivity
  • Loss of flexibility and restricted range of motion
  • Audible grating sensation when using a joint
  • Bone spurs resembling hard lumps around a joint

Thinning or breakdown of cartilage, which is a kind of shock absorber, creates bone-on-bone friction.  As this degenerative disorder progresses, patients experience increasing stiffness and pain in affected joints.

Chiropractic Treatment Options

The objective of chiropractic treatment for patients with osteoarthritis is managing the disorder to bring sufferers joint pain relief without resorting to medication or surgery.  After a positive diagnosis, each patient receives a customized treatment plan from our chiropractor that might include a combination of therapies.

An important part of treatment is eliminating any barriers that prevent normal joint function.  The use of chiropractic adjustments returns joints to their proper position and corrects musculoskeletal alignment.  This makes it easier for joints to function.

Massage therapy is helpful for relieving pain and swelling.  It increases blood flow that helps eliminate inflammatory refuse and can reduce muscle tension and stress.  Many patients also find exercises and/or physical therapy helpful for keeping joints limber.  Our doctor also offers advice on lifestyle changes that can make daily life easier and improve each patient’s overall wellness.

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Our Sarasota chiropractor, Dr. Robert Kuskin, provides totally natural care that promotes health and wellness in all areas on our patients’ lives.  He uses a whole-person approach to treatment that goes beyond merely treating symptoms.  To find out how chiropractic can help you achieve optimal wellness and lead the lifestyle you love, be sure to call our Back to Health Wellness Center at (941) 351-2555 today to schedule an appointment.


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