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Services & Techniques from Our Chiropractor in Sarasota

Here at Back to Health Wellness Center, we make a point of providing our patients with multiple healing and wellness services and techniques, all of them drug-free and non-surgical in nature.

If you need chiropractic services for pain relief or wellness look no further. Learn about the variety of services at our Sarasota chiropractor; call now!

Here are some of the services you can receive from our Sarasota chiropractor, Dr. Robert Kuskin:

  • Spinal and Postural Screenings - Spinal and postural screenings are important health and wellness evaluations for all stages of life. If you've suffered a work injury, sports injury or auto accident injury, you'll want to get screened by our chiropractor in Sarasota immediately. Our Sarasota chiropractor can also administer screenings as a preventative wellness measure to make sure your spinal alignment and posture are healthy -- and to detect any early signs of scoliosis in your kids.

  • Chiropractic Adjustments - Subluxation (misalignment) in joints and spinal alignment abnormalities throw your whole body out of balance, potentially causing muscular strain, joint pain and nerve dysfunction that can impair your overall health. Our Sarasota chiropractor can correct these issues and get them moving freely again, relieving all these other complications in the process. We also offer gentle instrument-based techniques for those who don't like hands-on manipulation.

  • Rehabilitation - Rehabilitation helps you recuperate from an auto accident injury, sports injury, personal injury, major surgery or disabling health condition. Our Sarasota chiropractor may prescribe stretches, strengthening exercises, balancing exercises and physiotherapy techniques to ensure that you heal normally and regain optimal strength, function and pain-free range of motion.

  • Spinal Decompression - Spinal decompression at our Sarasota chiropractic clinic is a safe, totally non-invasive therapy that's as easy as lying on a mechanized treatment table. Our Sarasota chiropractor uses spinal decompression therapy to treat problems such as bulging or herniated discs which may be pressing on your nerve roots and causing sciatica, upper extremity pain and other symptoms. Flexion distraction force shifts the discs back into their proper place and facilitates their ability to heal themselves.

  • Massage Therapy - Massage therapy partners beautifully with other conservative care techniques by loosening muscles (which facilitates chiropractic adjustments) and helping you heal. Depending on the technique we prescribe your massage therapy sessions can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce soft tissue pain and swelling, optimize your athletic performance, allow stress to dissipate, and/or eliminate stubborn muscle knots and trigger points that refer pain to various regions of the body.

  • BrainTap Technology - BrainTap technology takes advantage of the brain's remarkable neuroplasticity, or ability to change itself in response to new stimuli. It prompts specific types of brain activity by having the patient observe lights and listen to sounds. You can use BrainTap technology to relieve stress, increase your energy levels, conquer undesirable or unhealthy habits, and improve your mental focus and creativity.

Experience These Services at Our Sarasota Chiropractic Center

Put these safe, effective techniques and services to work in your own life. Call 941-351-2555 for an appointment at our Sarasota chiropractic center


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Very considerate of situation. Explained each procedure. Took appropriate amount of time. Appeared to be very knowledgeable of chiropractic medicine.

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